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On this sites you will find the finest GIANT WORLDCASS Megalodon teeth !!! Every Megalodon tooth is absolutely unique regarding his QUALITY and SIZE. The teeth are completely NATURAL, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REPAIR or RESTORATION on ANY of the teeth found while diving. A few teeth out of the desert are stabilized or glued - BUT this is noted on every tooth.

These ALL are SUPER Museum Quality Teeth - simply the real deal. These ALL are Investment Grade Megalodon Teeth. Something that you can buy and if ever you needed the money you could resell at the same price or even higher ! We also try to give you highest quality photos and views from all sides - so you really can see what you buy. You hardly will find better photos anywhere !!!

SORRY for not translating the whole site, but due to my Megalodon-Diving-Trips, Desert-Expeditions and work for this site I simply find NOT the time to translate everything. Believe it or not, but I really have a normal life and unfortunately have to do a normal work.

BUT please feel free to email me with any questions at


I will do my very best to explain everything.
Enjoy the photos

Thanks Frank

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